Software Development

Mobile Apps

Hiring an experienced mobile app development company is the key to your successful Android, iOS or cross-platform solution. Six30 provides custom mobile app development services across all major and specialized platforms. Our team has been offering mobile solutions for over ten years in a wide range of verticals.

Web Apps

We develop web applications for any device and platform of your choice to meet your unique needs. Using time-proven technologies, we build highly-interactive frontends and robust backends that are easily scalable

Platforms for startups

In the age of digital platforms, we discuss the impact of connected tech in providing the tools startups and small businesses need to compete with established enterprises. We want to see more innovative firms start and scale. we will help you convert your ideas into reality

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IOT platforms

The Internet of Things concept implies the creation of a distributed network consisting of numerous physical objects equipped with embedded software, sensors and connectivity options that collect and share data with each other and with the central platform via the internet. We provide leading-edge IoT development services for companies that want to transform their business

Cyber security

Cyber Security is a set of techniques that are used to protect internet-connected systems. We helps organizations and individuals to protect their systems and data from unauthorized access.