The faith sustained by God Word. The faith created by the Holy Spirit . The faith you confess this day. They first made it big time when NBA star basketballers like Kareem Jabbar started wearing them. Shortly after Kareem the rest of the NBA followed. Even though these trainers had near enough took over the NBA they had yet to break into many other markets, until Run DMC decided they were their favourite brand. Michael was not being insensitive to individuals with visual challenges, but rather he was making a significant point. Those in sales especially consultative sales, fail to do thorough fact findings. This inability to discover all the needs and wants results in them trying to sell their products or services (newspapers) to prospects who have no need (blind person).. I have noticed a recent trend in the networking community for the same presenters to appear at multiple functions. On the one hand, attending and even presenting at multiple functions is a good way to grow your brand exposure; it may also mean that you are overexposed. I have now on several occasions seen the same people present the same content at different functions. Seek opportunities to connect with them on a personal level. Get to know their interests, hobbies, aspirations, and goals. Your company’s most valuable asset is not the service it provides or the product it makes it’s the people it employs.

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